Have you ever…

Posted: 07::02::10 in Uncategorized

Have you ever been so bored that nothing appealed to you? Or even anything that did appeal just didn’t work out? That is where I find myself today.

I woke up sort of early this morning or at least earlier than I had been this week. I got up and made coffee, got online and checked a few things, I finally found myself watching TV and sipping my coffee. Eventually the TV started to bore me so I came back online to check a few other things, Facebook, email, etc. (by the way, I wonder if Facebook is an actual word in the dictionary now?) Finally I was done with that and found myself bored again. Nothing on TV was interesting, the next thing to do was to browse through the Netflix and see what is available for streaming. Finally, I gave up when I was coming up empty.

So, here I find myself blogging away relentlessly trying to come up with something, anything to undo my boredom. I’ve already nixed out TV and movies, I don’t feel like reading since I usually try to save that for bedtime because it makes me nice and sleepy, not because the book is boring mind you, just because it makes my eyes heavy and sore as if I haven’t blinked in hours and then all I want to do is close them and sleep.

Now I am content right now writing in my blog but I’m just thinking about once I’ve finished this because alas all good blogs must come to an end. Sad to say I know but it’s the truth. 😛

…Maybe I should give up and read after all. I would bake something except I don’t want to use up any of the flour, sugar, eggs and butter we already own since my mom is supposed to bake cookies for my brother later as it is. I think I shall leave the baking to her at this point, but perhaps I can bake something tomorrow. Just so we have something to nibble on for the weekend. 🙂

  1. Caitlynn says:

    “Have you ever been so bored that nothing appealed to you?”

    ….YES. >_<

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