the Cow Killer

Posted: 07::25::11 in Uncategorized

This morning I was outside walking my little 7 pound porkie… *ahem*, I mean Yorkie and I saw a big fat ugly red ant. These things are so ugly and so bright red you think of danger!

It’s a good darn thing too. I decided to look them up, since I don’t really know much about them despite seeing them all the time growing up and whatnot. I suppose it’s one of those things where you know of it but that about where it begins and ends. Turns out these little buggers are actually wasps. The females are wingless but the males have wings AND the females have stingers the males don’t. Good to know… especially because they got their name “The Cow Killer” because the females sting is supposedly so painful it could kill a cow. (it doesn’t really kill cows and it won’t kill humans either).  However, it sounds like the sting is worse than a normal wasp or bee sting and you would swell up pretty bad.

Cow Killer/Red Velvet Ant

It is safe to say and with good reason that I am now officially more afraid of these little ant/wasps than I am of nor

mal wasps or bees and they even look scary. At least they are a bright red so they are easy to spot in the green grass or brown sand.

The interesting thing is growing up we called them red fire ants, those ants do exist but they are MUCH tinier and almost more orange looking. Even now my friend calls them red fire ants, sadly she gets them a lot around her house… that’s where I see them the most too. She lives in a farming area, corn fields nearby and they have cows.

July is almost over and it’s hard to believe. I have a lot coming up in August… I suppose. On August 5th I have dental surgery, woo! >insert sarcasm<, and at the end of the month I have my retaking of the drivers test. I am going to pass this time too. At some point early in August I’ll probably go to the county fair with my friend. We go every year except I missed last year so I have to make up this year. Last year I didn’t get to go because of being laid up with broken toes from the car accident.

Can’t wait to finish out the summer with a bang!

  1. …Scary bugs… T_T

    You definitely have enough going on in August to finish your summer with a bang. Hopefully, though, the end of your summer doesn’t have anything to do with “cow killers”…

  2. Becky says:

    lol or car accidents! D:

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