One Year Ago

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One year ago today my best friend and I should have died.

I know that sounds odd or even dramatic but in all seriousness, it is true.

I still remember the day fairly well, although some details are a bit foggy to me. I remember my best friend coming over and hanging out for a while before we were planning on leaving for church. That was the day we took this photo of us together.

We had both put that photo as our facebook primary and we kept that photo up for a long time after.

Anyway, I remember us laughing and giggling and having a good time when we were trying to take the photo. We just had a good day, a good afternoon and had a lot of fun. I even remember what I made for dinner that day, chicken, broccoli and probably mash potatoes.

There are two different ways you can take to get to church. One way is quicker than the other, but had to go the longer way because she had to stop and do the recyclables for her parents. Her mom was on a trip to Tennessee at the time too, so to help her out she was planning on doing that on the way to church- which meant the long way.

I remember when we left and Brit took a left turn and I remember teasing her that she could of gone the other way too. Either way we were on the long road that we would be on probably for a good 10 minutes before our next turn. She had at one point turned on music and we were singing and laughing. We probably hadn’t be on the road for very long, maybe a few minutes and we had only be in the car driving all together for maybe 10 or 15 minutes when we came to our first intersection. Of course the intersecting road had stop signs, we didn’t so we just keep going.

“What is this guy doing?” I heard Brit while I was looking out the window and I looked over just in time to see a dark car right in front of us. I remember seeing her slam on her break and turn the wheel, trying very hard to swerve and miss the guy who had ran the stop sign- I closed my eyes, balled myself up against the passenger door.

When I opened my eyes my head was leaning against the door window and the seat belt. I didn’t move right away but I knew I was still in the car. I turned and looked ahead, I saw the broken windshield and the deflated air bag. Through the broken windshield I could see the black car further down the road, it’s driver was already to our car and Brittany was out talking to him.

It all hit me at once. This wasn’t some kind of dream, or sick joke for that matter… this really happened and man did my mouth hurt! My hands flew up to my mouth and I let out a nervous wail. I felt a hand on my knee and I heard Brittany say, “Becky… you need to calm down!”.

I seriously wanted to bust up laughing right there. Mostly because she was on her phone with her dad crying and sobbing so badly he couldn’t understand her. I just sat where I was. I felt very dazed and tired. I looked in the mirror in the sun visor to see why my mouth hurt so bad and I could see I was bleeding in my mouth somewhere. My lips were swollen and I had cuts around my mouth. My chest was bothering me pretty bad and my knee was bothering me.

I glanced out my window and I saw a truck slow down and stop. The driver was a man and behind him peering around him was, I assume, his wife. I remember seeing the look of shock on her face and then her quickness to get out and help. She got to my door first but she couldn’t get it open. Her husband (or whoever) had to open it for her. He went over to Brittany and helped her… he took her phone and talked to her dad because she was too upset to make sense.

“Has anyone called 9-1-1?” the woman asked me and I stared at her like… huh? Oh… right. My answer was simply, “I don’t think so.” I found my cell phone and gave it to her. While she was on the phone with them and telling them everything they needed to know, at one point she walked away.

I took my seat belt off and I tried to get out of the car, suddenly I panicked. “I can’t move my legs!” I screamed, Brittany was immediately in the car looking at me, screaming back “What?!”… then I started to feel the pain in my foot. It looked horrible, swollen bruised and a couple toes looked deformed. “I think I broke my toes…” I was quieter that time.

At some point Brittany was off her phone and I snatched it to call my mom. No answer. Darn. But then the woman who had used my phone to call for help was finished I had decided to call my dad. Service must have been not very good were we were because it was breaking up and once again the woman helped by talking to my dad for me. She told him where we were and since we lived fairly close my mom and dad came to the scene. (I kind of wished they hadn’t.)

About 10 minutes after calling my dad the fire department arrived. One man came to me and was putting a neck brace on me. I remember hearing a scream and looking over to see Brittany running at my mom and hugged her so hard my mom had to try hard not to fall over. I could see she was crying and apologizing to my mom, saying “I’m sorry” over and over again. Other than my initial reaction that was the first time I reacted during this whole time. I gasped.

While they were trying to get me out of the car, I remember seeing my mom standing in front of it crying and my dad holding her from behind, probably telling her it was okay or something.

Eventually they got me out of the car and into the ambulance. That was terrible experience too! My chest already hurt and it made it difficult to breathe being flat on my back. My mom rode to the hospital in the ambulance with me. Once we were moving it was terrible too because the bumping made my chest hurt even more and made it that much more difficult to breathe.

Once we were at the hospital (the air conditioning made me cold!), I had x-rays done. We were probably in the ER for a good 2 hours. I remember at one point after the x-rays we were just basically lying in our hospital beds waiting to hear something or to be released and Brit yelled across the hall, “Hey Becky?” … “yeah?” … “Are you thirsty?” … yes- I laughed. She asked her nurse for some water and also asked her to get me some water too. Imagine my surprise when a nurse showed up beside me and handed me a cup of water and said, “Your friend ordered this for you.”, of course I laughed again.

Turned out Brittany was fine other than some bruises and pain. I was pretty much the same except I had two broken toes.

Well it was an experience and Thank God he kept us safe!

  1. Wow, how scary for you, Becky. I hope writing about the event helps you to get some closure and emotional healing. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard other people say ambulances are relaly bumpy, too! You’d think they’d have a better shock system, wouldn’t you? LOL. The whole experience sounds scary. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt worse.

  3. ergliangel45 says:

    Becky, what a trauma to experience. So glad broken toes were the worst of it, though still painful along with bruises. Each year it will be less of an impact on your life. So brave to now be pursuing your license. Well done writing out the event, it will help the healing.

  4. Becky says:

    I forgot to mention in my blog that the paramedic and those who came to help from the fire dept. although thought I was worse off than I really was because they were contemplating flying me to shock trauma.

    In the end though they decided to take me to the local hospital which was good since I wasn’t all that bad off after all.

  5. I’m so thankful you and Brit were not more seriously injured. I know the experience has been very traumatic for you, but now that you have passed this one year anniversary I hope this will boost your emotional healing. You are taking positive steps in pursuing getting your license and also writing about your experience. Good for you! God bless.

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